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Sequence is a means to use games to study, and in return, study games. This particular iteration of the concept involves a study of Manuel DeLanda's text Philosophy and Simulation. The text is a ground-breaking examination of the concept of 'emergence', articulating the naturally philosophical processes in the progression through scales of discourse. Parallels may be drawn between this concept of emergence and the experiential quality of games under such frameworks as that of game feel for instance, or other metrics that capture the flow state. Flow as a cognitive/psychological phenomenon then provides a unique case, through interactive software, to explore more empirically the processes of emergence in a behavioural context. As a piece of software, the design of Sequence is such to begin this process in a crescendo of complexity as outlined by the chapters of DeLanda's work. Chapter 1 begins as particles in an apparent void, devoid of sense, guided by atomic forces.


- It's a demo and might crash for reasons that still qualify as magic.

- Lots more to come including mechanics and more audio

Big thanks to Mitch and Anthony, Cale, Kelvin, Bronwen, Elliot, Konrad for helping out.


LINUX USERS: install helper shell script https://gist.github.com/ssokolow/7010485


v0.5_gnu.zip 59 MB
v0.5_mac.zip 43 MB
v0.5_win.zip 63 MB

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